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Adding Glass Inserts to Kitchen Cabinets

Are you worn out of the way your kitchen cabinets look and prepared for a fast, economical way to spice up the way the room looks? of the methods you can use to do this is by replacing some of the panels in your cabinets doors with glass. Glass will alleviate the sameness of your kitchen and give you a place where you can show off some of your prized possessions. The best part about using glass is that it is an very economical answer to your remodelling issues, and it can open up your kitchen a small giving it the look of being larger and brighter.

You will find specific kinds of glass you can make use of when renovating your cabinets. They are:
* Clear like window glass – This is the ideal type of glass if you’d like to show off fancy glassware or china.
* Obscure with patterns in the glass distort images of what is inside the cabinets. So although you’ll still be able to see what is inside the cabinet, the picture won’t be clear.
* Opaque is frosted or stained glass that you are not able to see through. In case you require glass inserts in your cabinet doors, and you’d that no be able to view the interiors, opaque glass will be a wise choice that will block keep somebody from seeing inside.

One time you know which cupboard fronts you require to replace with glass, cease and analyze the contents of those cabinets. Are the items inside something that you would prefer to hide behind opaque glass, or is this a spot where you require to set up displays behind clear glass. The more you try to visualize prior to installation, the better you are going to like the completed results.

Keep in mind that you don’t require to go overboard in installing glass panels in your cupboard doors, because some of them will suffice and look lovely. Since they will appear to be different from the remainder of your cabinets, they will naturally turn in to the focus in your room. Prior to beginning to change wood door panels to glass, give yourself some space to try and picture different cabinets with glass inserts. In case you have a comparatively small kitchen, you’ll be able to select the cabinets where you feel that glass could be used to the greatest advantage.

Adding glass to a cabinet door is a job you can basically do yourself to keep the cost down. Start by getting together all the materials you will require. Tools will include drill bits, a jigsaw and blade, a screwdriver, clamps, and wood glue. You will also require to buy new wood trim to hold the glass in place as well as 1/8″ mirror hangers and wood screws.

Start by using your jigsaw to remove the part of the door you are planning to put glass in to. One time this has been completed, and you have removed the hardware, you can do any refinishing you require to do, then add your glass insert. Are you going to be refinishing your cabinets or adding glass fronts? In order to refinish them, you will require to sand off all of the existing finish down to the bare wood. If you are planning on painting them, all you will require to do is sand them a bit so that they will hold the paint well. Then, when they are completed, you can insert the glass panels.

When you have completed, you can put the hardware back onto the door and rehang it. You’ll find that this easy amount of work and small expense is going to make a world of difference in the way your kitchen looks. You will have kitchen cabinets you can be proud of.

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