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Cabinet Refacing in 8 Easy Steps

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing

If the renewal of the cabinet you have in mind kitchen cabinets, a good entrepreneur describes the process for you in detail. But it never hurts to have some information in advance. Here’s how it works.

1. The cabinets are emptied
This seems to be fasting, but can be a disaster if they do it with some panache extraction. Just before the road enough to hold all cash and separate the elements of the platform. When it’s time to put them back will be a breeze. Moreover, there is nothing more irritating to start putting things not related and have a box of baking soda spill into the dinner dishes, simply because they have enough boxes for bakery supplies.

2. The kitchen is protected
From boxes of kitchen cabinets are covered with a new surface, there may be dust, grain dust or float away in the sawdust. To prevent damage or disorder, the stove and counters should be protected with plastic sheeting or fall. Tools can slip and fall accidents, while in good coverage areas of refuge must scratch. Your refrigerator can lean against the cabinets, and if so, should be moved elsewhere.

3. Cabinet doors and hardware are removed
Hardware includes cabinet handles, hinges, drawer slides and handles. As is removed must be separated and labeled. This makes the final steps to go fast and eliminates tons of aggravation.

4. Council of Ministers to correct
Preferably, it has been decided by a contractor who demands quality. If this is the case, the inner surface of the cabinets are aligned with 1/4 “solid wood, metal or thermoplastic, safely, intelligent, and as new.

NOTE: Some people prefer to stain or paint the inside of the cabinet. This is fine if they are not so particular about the final product. But keep in mind is cluttered, relatively little work and the end result is just a facelift. If you want a quality image, the image is as fundamental as the doors. Hire a contractor who cares so much of the interior door panels.

Some benefits include:

Cabinets look like new
Much wider range of alternatives in the woods and glass
Increase the choice of decorative door panels
The cabinets are functional
The hinges are hidden
Custom look – you can do all you can do with the new cabinets – crown
moldings, decorative panels, etc.

5. Preparing for hardware installation
Measuring and marking equipment complete and accurate installation ensures a pleasant visual positioning and eliminates a lot of exasperation in place and mark the location of the balance.

6. Installing new hardware cabinet kitchen equipment
Although the equipment can be installed after the cabinet doors and drawers are replaced, it is often a good idea to install it first, because it is much easier to get the correct position.

7. Installation of doors of kitchen cabinets
When the new doors and drawer fronts are replaced in the correct position should be reviewed for closure and symmetry.

8. The finish of the kitchen cabinets freshly ground
If any of the handles and knobs are not added, it’s time.

That’s it! Cabinet refacing is a. Most popular and profitable to fix your kitchen you will be surprised to see the modern look and update that adds to your space. A professional who knows how important it is to be meticulous in his execution of the project will deliver one of the most important improvements that can be done at home.

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