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Cabinets – Simple Steps For Woman

How long have you been waiting for her husband or partner to remodel a room in your house? If you’re like me who has been a long time. First of all you hear not have the money to hire a remodeling contractor or next time you hear that I have the time and eventually, I promise I’m doing it, is on my list of things to do. Well, stop waiting to take matters into their own hands. I did and it was much easier than I thought. So I will share the knowledge I learned by doing it myself with you.

I decided I wanted to add some counter space with cabinets in my basement after two years of waiting, I decided to do it myself. It looks great, plus I get a little extra space in the basement. My family really enjoys it, my kids can play in the basement when the weather denied the pleasure of being outdoors. The best part is you do not go broke to do it, do the work myself I saved money for the next project. The only tools needed was a tape measure and a screwdriver.

First we must determine how much space you are working on making it easy to do. Remove the tape, if you have one that can be purchased at most retail stores only a few dollars. Measure the wall where you want to place the cabinets. If you can walk in the basement there is no need to worry about the length and height only most of the cabinets are standard 36 inches tall. Now you are ready to head to your local hardware store. Not sure what hardware stores you have in your local area, but in the area I live we have a few different hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

The partners in the store are very helpful for all you need do is ask. Counter top sections is cut to length, decide what you would like to counter. Next, decide on the cabinets, if you have never purchased for the cabinets before you will be surprised. The cabinets have found the distance measurements of 9 “wide to 36″ wide. So if you are working with 6 feet of space that you can purchase a precut countertop 6 feet and two 36 “cabinets and you are good to go. There are some other things you need. If you look at the box section that sell so-called spacers, that goes under the counter to help adjust the height to ensure that achieve this level. You will also need glue, yes glue to hold the cover in place to ask a partner if you do not see it. The total cost was around $ 500.00.

Now you are ready to install a counter cabinets. The cabinets that I bought at Home Depot came with the screws needed to mount the cabinets together and the wall. Be careful when setting your cabinets to the wall to avoid power lines that can work through them. Personally, I would not screw to the wall of the mine so that I could move them to another wall redecoration purposes. Once you have attached the cabinets you are ready for the counter.

To adhere the cover to the cabinets to follow instructions in the queue, go completely around the top of the cabinets with adhesive. With the help of someone to help you put the cover on the top of the cabinets. I put some books on the counter to help despite the lower left set overnight before removing the books.

Yes ladies, it’s that simple! I was amazed at the finished product and I can say I did it myself. It was relatively cheap, the basement looks great, the kids are happy and I have no storage space and a beautiful countertop.

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