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File Cabinets – You Have Drawer Options

The books are available in a variety of sizes, which of course means that they have a variable number of drawers. So sit back and relax while I tell you about the most popular.

2 drawer  file drawers

A small business as may be sufficient for a small business, or just under your desk. If this is a side cabinet, but in reality can be quite large even for a box of two.

A stereotype is two vertical drawers on metal-based presentation, simple, with a handle and a lock. Normally it should also drag, which can be removed. As I said before, it would be appropriate for a small business or home office, provided it does not take much space. They could also be used for children to keep their school records and stores the custody and maintenance of invoices and receipts in order.

More at home would be a student and side, which means it is an advantage if the width can not have more than one set of items such as DVDs and CDs. If you wish you could even wear clothes or jewelry. However, it is not made for him, so let’s assume that you keep your files in that country. You can buy two wooden crates aside $ 350 to $ 600.

The 3-drawer file cabinet

A vertical style cabinet with 3 drawers enough for a small business, but you can get these styles. A lot of three file cabinets come in a combination of sizes, for example, the bottom drawer for storage of larger fonts, and two regular drawers, which would be appropriate for a home office for the storage of their accounts and of information. Another combination is one of the three drawers are all the drawers, the letters made of medium-sized company store file transactions.

You can also get a vertical file material in a timber such as oak, which looks better in my opinion. The oak finish looks much more attractive than metal, but I guess it depends on the style of its storage place.

And last but not least the three-drawer lateral style of presentation. Means side is wider than a vertical version. The three drawer side is more appealing to me, because I feel more balanced, you can store many files in them and can be purchased for about $ 510. They are often available in a beautiful black, which fits perfectly in an office.

The 4-drawer filing cabinet

Now comes the big company. 4 is a drawer tray 5, if not always, but offers a wide range of storage. You can buy a 18 inch wide vertical 4 drawer cabinet for about $ 130 which is a bargain! It has 4 drawers letter size gray (or can be called “anthracite metallic”). The two upper drawers in the lock, while the two latter are generally not.

Some companies also offer 4 in the two filing cabinets 4 drawers vertical and horizontal, one vertical is similar to that mentioned above, but the side looks great. Side cabinets are one of my favorites from the vertical, providing a better space, and are more attractive. They usually come in colors black and gray boring. The company has a side to side and has points in its four drawers 30 inches wide. They also have a new lock, which ensures that you can only open one drawer at a time if you can not fall and cause injury.

The 5-drawer file cabinet

Looking for a large closet right? Either a vertical or lateral slim cabinet large cabinet, which will provide storage space for your files.

A 5-Drawer Vertical File is available at around $ 400, the five drawers means more space for legal-size documents. Reaches 18 inches wide and 60 inches high, ideal for hanging folders. The best thing about the vertical aspect of this is that they do not occupy much space, but because of the height, allowing you to store a lot of things.

One side of the cabinet drawer 5 differs because it is much wider, which will occupy much space, but at the same time, it will give more volume to store the files they need. Side cabinets are usually made of wood such as oak, since it seems more attractive (since it is so great that needs to be better looking for a vertical). This factor means that it will be stronger and last longer.

An important factor in the purchase of a lateral file, especially if you have a lot of drawers is to have a lock so that only one drawer to open at a time. If not in his book, one could say that it falls on you and a potential threat to their safety, make sure it does if you use a lot.

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