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Fireproof File Cabinet – A Must For Any Business

It is normal to feel a little fear inside of thinking might destroy all the important information. You must feel confident that whatever happens, the documents will be safe. That your important documents at home or office, which has a fireproof filing cabinet really makes you feel more confident about the welfare of your files, especially when you’re not.

Fortunately, these are files and can be purchased online or at a store specializing in office equipment such as Staples.

So let me discuss some of the fireproof file cabinet with the offer from Trident Series 5000. This is a top of the menu extensive vertical file test. You pay big money to about $ 2,000, but worth it if you have been exposed to fire. Of course, there is fire resistant, but also shock resistant, water resistant. For me, it seems that this is fairly indestructible. It was tested in all areas and only made to be practical, with a fire resistance up to 1700 degrees, and the seals can survive an impact of up to 30 feet. This is a very safe place to store your files, and if you put a hole in it, so maybe in the process of an earthquake might even jump on it to guard (just kidding). Another great feature I like is the recessed handles to avoid knee blows, I’ve been there and it really hurts.

Unfortunately a fireproof filing cabinet is very expensive because of the quality of advice and materials to be made. If I were you I’d buy one that knows how to keep the documents, not cheap, a lot of promise.

Another popular brand is the king of fire. They are known for all things related to fires, which are the professionals to keep things away from heat. They offer the full range of vertical files of any size, side cabinets of all sizes, and flame retardants, including specialty cabinet. The Cabinet Office vertical and lateral fireproof file looks like a regular file stereotypical, but it is obvious that can withstand temperatures far too long.

For $ 2200 you can buy a large workbook manufactured specifically to protect important documents, such as the size of legal documents, medical records, files and other important files. In addition, you can buy your 44-inch lateral file, 38 inches or 31 inches wide for $ 2,000 to $ 6,000. Expensive you might think, and I agree, but it would take much longer to make a fireproof lateral file cabinet, like how tight the joints must be to withstand as much heat for a 2 hours!

Therefore, they can reach a high price, but the amount they are willing to pay for the security of your important files? This is the real question. In addition to being fire resistant are very safe. They provide a locking system so good no one can steal. See their descriptions online articles for more details of his cabinet range of flame retardants file.

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