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Glazing Kitchen Cabinets – The Step By Step Guide

Want to add character or appeal to your kitchen cabinets are already painted or you want to darken stained wood cabinetries, giving a majestic and ancient with the use of color and techniques is fairly easy. The following are simple steps to glazed kitchen cabinet.

Things to use

In general, it is necessary to remove the hinges and doors. It really depends on your preferences, if you do not mind a bit of gloss varnish on its hinges.

For this project you need:

Several brushes
The oil and water ice formation on the basis
Varnish, paint or stain
Lots of lint-free cloths
Paint solvents


1. To darken the color of your wood furniture, colors, it is preferable to use an oil-based varnish. The enamel is a transparent substance which colors are combined. There is clear and remains moist until it achieves the desired effect.

2. Mix a little oil stain on your favorite color of enamel. You have to experiment a bit with different mixes and apply it inside the timber and debris from cabinet doors to determine the look you want to retire to the kitchen cabinet glass. Use the “apply and clean” technique along with the natural flow of the grain of the wood.

3. Remove all cabinet knobs and pulls. Remove the drawers because they are easier to enamel when aligned or positioned along their tops. Clean with alcohol.

4. Apply the varnish in the correct amount using a natural bristle brush. You can then finish with clean, lint-free cloth until the desired effect. Make sure you work on one section at a time and take a step back from time to time to ensure that it meets the glass.

Tips and Tricks

It is best to choose colors darker than your kitchen cabinets.
Unlike the oil base enamel, lacquer, clear acrylic is milky dry. Remember that darkens a bit when it dries.
Do not get frustrated when you mess up a section because you can always rebuild with hot water and polish dry with a soft fresh so you can start again.
Remove excess varnish, when glazing kitchen cabinets push the rest of the edges and corners of the cabinet frames and result in a polished by hand.
Note that you are not trying to get perfect uniformity, but a cabinet of naturally aged appearance and charming.

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