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Golden Tee 2010 Cabinets

You can find Golden Tee at your local bar or the house with the coolest game room. Golden Tee Live 2010 is released, & now comes in different cabinet styles. Use this comparison to find which cabinet style will best fit in to your business or home game room.

One time you have decided you need a Golden Tee Live arcade game of your own, of your next considerations is what type of cabinet would you like. This relies on your room decor, the amount of space you have, & if a business, what type of cabinet will get the best response from your customers. The makers of Golden Tee Live partnered with an arcade cabinet to offer different styles of cabinets.

* FunGlo Pedestal – The trackball & control panel sit atop the pedestal cabinet, that also holds the program of the game itself. Basically plug in to your TV. Ground effect lighting & fluorescent plexiglass on the side make this cabinet as visually outstanding as the golf game. 37″H, 34″W, 27″D, & 145 lbs.
* Showpiece Pedestal – Similar to the FunGlo, minus the fancy lighting effects. This cabinet has a small ground footprint & look sharp in any venue. Use your own TV with the Showpiece, mounted to the wall or attached monitor stand. 39″H, 25″W, 30″D, & 160 lbs.
* 26″ LCD Arcade – This traditional-looking arcade cabinet has an LCD monitor built-in. The trackball & game controls lead right up to the tempered-glass-covered screen. 60″H, 28″W, 34″D & 190 lbs.
* 32″ LCD Arcade – Get the traditional feel of an arcade game with a bigger monitor. Measuring six inches wider, this arcade cabinet provides massive images of your Golden Tee player reaching for a score under par. 60″H, 34″W, 34″D, & 220 lbs.
* Showcase arcade – Make Golden Tee Live 2010 a centerpiece attraction with the largest arcade cabinet obtainable. Sent in pieces, the game control pedestal connects to an enclosed monitor stand that highlights the game for spectators. 82″H, 34″W, 51″D, & 180 lbs.

The cabinets obtainable for Golden Tee Live 2010 can be described by main categories, Pedestal & Arcade. Pedestal means you use your own TV screen, & two different styles of pedestal cabinets are in production. Arcade means your monitor is built in to the same cabinet as your game controls. Assess your space & where players & spectators will collect around to play Golden Tee, then select which of the cabinets works best for you.

Whether you select the eye-popping lighted FunGlo or the attention-grabbing Showcase, a brand spanking new golf arcade in will be most enjoyable in the right game cabinet.

Select the Golden Tee Live cabinet that fits your arcade area, then enjoy the detailed golf experience on the arcade game connecting players round the clock. Join the LIVE network or play offline, either way you can improve your scores to take to the next day’s competition. Participate in the new features for Live 2010, such as Facebook Connect, & Stats play to keep your player knowledge without the pressure of a Prizes competition.

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