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Installing Bathroom Furniture – Fitting a Mirrored Cabinet

A mirror bathroom cabinet furniture is simple, cheap or another bathroom in the bathroom can increase the feeling of light and space in the room, you bring a conveniently placed mirror for shaving or makeup, and comply with their medications, Cosmetic or other bits.

Installing a cabinet on the wall looks simple but is not it?

Think about where you want the cabinet to be located. Above the lake is a popular, if you go through the door of bathroom furniture with a mirror above the toilet is another place where you can take advantage of wall space that would otherwise be lost. Think you will use the signature (and if there are children who want to limit access) when deciding the best location and height of your cabinet.

The first step is to be measured. This step is essential for ultimate success, if you do not measure accurately, you need to drill more than once, and you may find that your wardrobe, once fixed to the wall, do not block any reason. So far, then check your measurements. Pending or have a helper to hold the cabinet in the right place on the wall. Use a level to get the cabinet are absolutely right, then draw a pencil line on the top. This line is hidden from view once the cabinet is in place, mounting the bathroom cabinet until the surface is above eye level.

Measured from the top of the cabinet to the mounting holes. If your company has not been provided with pre-drilled mounting holes, you have to drill these yourself, the strengthening of the box, if necessary, make sure the holes are not shared with the weight of both chest and content when the site is set up, most store bought bathroom furniture is supplied pre-drilled for easy installation for the customer, however. Measure the distance between the mounting holes as well. All actions must be in the center of the mounting hole (not the edge) as the point at which it is measured.

Then measure from the top line on the wall mounting holes. Mark the wall at this location, and measuring horizontally along this new line to ensure that its mark fixing holes are in the correct place, both with respect to each other and relative to the surrounding elements. If you want your cabinet above your pond in the center of the space available, then measure the space from left to right, find the center point, and the measure of an adequate amount of each side to mark the center mounting holes to ensure the center of your closet hanging space in the center. Do not assume that pre-drilled mounting holes to be equidistant from the center of the bathroom furniture – good!

Now is the time to fix the brackets on the wall hanging in your closet. You will need to use a different technique for placement of bathroom furniture in a masonry wall and plaster a wall with brackets, drywall and a double.

In a masonry (brick or concrete block) wall, covered with plaster, make sure you use enough screws to the wall itself, instead of plaster, supports the weight of the bathroom cabinet. Drill the holes, mount the anchors and tighten the screws in the ankle: it should provide strong support in most cases. Try to ensure that, if possible, that you drill into the bricks or blocks rather than in the mortar between them, which will be smoother and less favorable. Carefully drill into blocks, which is often softer than the brick, to avoid over-enlarge the holes, and use special plugs for this type of wall.

Plasterboard wall stud is fixed to the uprights of wood (or quantities). Attachments for your bathroom furniture should be screwed in the amounts of gypsum alone is not strong enough to withstand the weight of the box. Find the position of the studs touching the wall with the area behind the number is going to sound solid, while other areas of the wall sounds hollow to press. The screws can be connected directly to the wall, no electrical outlets are needed.

With dry walls are walls when gypsum board is fixed to the wall blocks with drops of adhesive so that it is far from the surface of the masonry block. Cut a small section of drywall around each hole and screw through the forest “spacer”, divided in this space behind the wall behind the screw means having a solid foundation of solid wood blocks against strong support that the screw holding the weight of your bathroom furniture. If not, the weight of the car can make the unsupported surface to deform. Once the cabinet is hung on the wall, you will not be able to see the changes made to the wall.

If the wall is tiled bathroom, you must take special care to drill pilot holes to ensure room furniture to the wall. The drill should be strong: be a carbide tipped masonry drill bit or a diamond is more suitable for the tiles. The hard glass outer surface of the tiles in fact begin to pierce the hard part. Try to put an X in the tile to give it more grip on the surface to begin with. Drill slowly, building up speed, but considering the persistence, resistance is not brutal, is key to drill the tile without breaking it. Use cold water to lubricate the drill bit so that the top and prevent overheating, if the tabs are hard and thick. When the two tiles and the walls are perforated through insert ankles if necessary. Making the outlet is totally in the wall so that only the unthreaded section at the top of the screw is in the tile: any extension of the outlet section drilling tile could cause the tile to crack.

Your bathroom furniture, once installed, should last for several years, and if you are a handyman ordinary, you will be able to feel proud of the efforts installation whenever you see.

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  1. Hay thanks for sharing nice article regarding Bath room cabinet fitting services. Cabinet fitting is not an easy job as a minor mistake can affect the overall outlook of the bathroom. its good to hire a reliable company for cabinet work.