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Kitchen Cabinet Plans – You Still Can Be Creative While Following a Blueprint

You may have a great idea on the way you need the style of your cabinets to be but not finding any designs that are similar. Do not worry about designs killing your creativity. Take designs as a beginning point, to help you get the framing of the cabinets right & to get your cost estimate down & go from there.

A lot of people think that, by using kitchen cabinet designs to redo their kitchen cabinets, it means they must follow the blueprint by the book every step of the way. Following designs is important but you still can unleash your creative juice in the making.

Let me tell you what they did in our kitchen. My spouse has bought a few months back in a woodwork show a pleasant armor to put china in that has wooden hummingbirds on the doors. The armor is pretty.

The beauty about making your own kitchen cabinets is that the inside are much build using the same principle. The difference & the original touch you need shows on the outside. So you still need to make use of designs to start with the cabinetry, & the rest is up to you. The possibilities are countless to generate your own dream kitchen.

I was actually a small upset that he bought it from somebody else because I could have done like that myself, & it was costly. But anyway, he felt in love with it & beside he used her own money so what the heck…

Anyway when came the time to redo our kitchen cabinets, they were trying to agree on a design & he recommend that they done them doing the same designs than the armor doors. I replied to her that it would be much work. I did not had time to sculpted0 six small miniscule wooden hummingbirds.

They finally made a deal: he would order the hummingbirds form the that made the armor & I would do the cabinets the same style that the armor doors, which was not difficult, & all they had to do at the finish is to glue the hummingbirds on the cabinet doors.

So I got my set of designs & did all my framing using the same kind of white pine than the armor. The doors had a pleasant trim at about two inches on the inside of the edges all around them which I could make without fuss.

He receives her small hummingbirds a few weeks later & they basically glued them the same way than on the armor. After a pleasant coat of lacquer, the result was absolutely amazing!

They were unable to find the same kind of handles than the armor so what they did is they changed them & put the same ones on both cabinets & armor.

When they had relatives & friends visiting us one time everything was done, everyone were definite that I had made not only the cabinets but the armor as well! Somehow I ended up getting credit for it even if somebody else made it, not bad!

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