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Learn How to Build Kitchen Cabinets

Build Kitchen Cabinets

Build Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets add value to a home while providing much usable storage space, but can be very expensive. However, if you have previous experience with carpentry you can do in their own cabinets and eliminate the cost of hiring a professional, here’s how.

Tools Required

Table saw or circular saw

A template of pinning or horizontal drilling tool




Clamps for gluing



Cabinet plywood for the frame (frame)

Plywood door and insert a false front face of the kick plate

1 “x 6″ oak frame for the face





Finish nails (6d)

Drilling screws

Materials and drawer slides (if necessary)

Against the best materials


The cabinet base should be 3 inches high and ¼ dimension must be the same as the cabin floor at least sides, front and back of the cabinets. Use the table saw or circular saw to cut the plywood to size and nail together.

Use plywood cabinet to create the back of the cupboard and use some glue and some finishing nails to hold it in the base. Next glue and nail the sides of the box in the base with pliers to lock them in place during use. Make sure the housing is square. Now you can put on a shelf to include.

When the channel is moving to the area of ​​the face and oak cut to length, and then decide where the holes for dowels and define the area of ​​the face and legs (vertical pieces) to make sure everything fits correctly . Use the template of nails or drill horizontally to make the necessary holes for the pins that are used. Put wood glue on the studs, pins and holes for studs, then put the pins in selected holes to fix the deck correctly. Use tongs to hold together until the glue dries and in any position.

Drill holes in the top, middle bottom, and sides of the frame to the body of a bear. Apply glue to the edges of the plywood (the channel) and frame the face and use clamps to hold the face frame in place. Make sure the area of ​​the face is properly aligned before tightening the clamps. Next 6d finish nails nail pre-drilled holes to attach the face frame in place.

You may choose to request and made the doors or you can have them too. As with face ankles uses frames, tweezers and glue to put all the doors, however, through the doors you need to use the router to create a slot for insertion of the door. Glue, nail clippers and drawers and also install and slides for the drawers and doors.

Install the door inserts and sanding all segments of the box, then put on the doors and drawers. Fill all nail holes with wood putty and apply any finishing touches you want, such as stains, varnishes and polyurethane.

Place in drawers, doors, handles, hinges and cabinet set up. Use a drill and tapping screws for fixing to the wall cabinets and finally to the top of the box and go.

Tips & Warnings

Use tongs to hold a ruler or any other items directly on the plywood when cut to serve as a guide.

Entire height or width of the counters must be, to build part of about ¾ inch lower and closer to the size cabinets are designated as the doors and countertops are attached.

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