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Medicine Cabinet Guide – How to Select The Right One

When it comes to choosing a medical practice, which may seem simple at first, until you look at the wide variety of kits available. There are many different styles and types of furniture and what may have seemed a simple choice at first can quickly become overwhelming if you do not know what you’re looking for.

One of the first things you want to consider is exactly where you are installing your medicine cabinet. Sometimes, a cabinet is installed directly on the bathroom sink and act as its primary mirror. Other times it can be installed in a side wall and is sometimes necessary to install it in a corner. After determining where to go, you have to measure the amount of space you have available for you to choose the proper size kit

Choose the size of your medicine cabinet

Kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common is a bit small, rectangular cabinet is taller than wide. This works well for a small bathroom above your sink or in a side wall, if you already have a mirror over the sink. If you have the space, you can opt for a large closet for added storage capacity and a large mirror as well. These cabinets are large usually wider than high. Careful not to put a cabinet that is too large in your space. You must ensure that there is room to open the doors and big business does not overwhelm your bathroom.

Mounting the medicine cabinet

An important decision to be made is how to get your medicine cabinet. The most common type of installation is called surface or wall mounting, the cabinet is installed directly to the wall, like a mirror. This means that your cabinet project from the wall, usually about 4 inches. It is important that you fit a medicine cabinet in wall studs to carry out this type of installation.

The second type of installation is called Flush is where the cabinet will be mounted partially within the existing wall. Although this type of installation is more complicated, it looks much cleaner and the mirror protrudes slightly from the wall. Many high-end cabinets come in a recessed configuration, but if you can make a surface mount, check to see if a mounting support for the private room is available.

The last type of mounting configuration is the corner mounting. This is usually done in small bathrooms or on the cover must be mounted above a sink that is also installed in a corner.

Mirror Types

The mirror is an important part of your medicine cabinet, and although there are some companies that come without mirrors, most cabinets are supplied with one. There are two styles of mirrors to choose from, or inclined plane. A beveled mirror has a beveled edge on all sides, while a plane mirror does not work. While most companies are not framed, you can select a company framed with a frame (usually in a wood finish) around the mirror. Most companies do not have a mirror out of the closet, but some companies are provided with a mirror on the back of the closet, and even in the back of the door.

Finally, you can choose the shape of your mirror. Most medical practices will have a rectangular mirror, but mirrors are also fitted with round or oval. Remember that you will sacrifice some space in the closet if you choose a round or oval mirror, which the company must be behind the mirror.

Number of gates

Another consideration is how many doors you want your medicine cabinet to have. A couple may want a cabinet with two doors so that everyone can have their own side. The number of gates is often determined by the size of the box. A small kit usually has a single door, while a large company may have two and possibly three doors. Some companies will even come in a configuration with two doors and a fixed mirror them.


The number of tablets in the kit will determine the storage space. You do not want too much if the tablets as this may complicate the storage of large objects. The shelves are available in different materials. The glass shelves are very popular, but are prone to breaking. Metal shelves are strong, but can corrode over time in a wet environment. Some may consider cheap plastic shelves, but resist corrosion in wet environments better than metal shelves.

Lighting Your f

If you plan to use your medicine cabinet as its primary mirror, you may want to install a light fixture above. Installation of a lamp over a cabinet is usually easier than on a surface mounted cabinet, since the device can be projected on the mirror. You can select any bathroom or vanity light that attracts you and you usually want a light that is as wide or slightly narrower than the mirror itself. Some manufacturers offer lighting kits designed to match your wardrobe to give a uniform appearance.

Making its final decision

Do not be afraid if you find a store or a website that has hundreds or even thousands of different kits. After doing a little work, you must

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