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Niches for Storage

When planning for storage in general, they begin to open up the wall shelves. However, we must make a special effort to find hidden rooms where you can store the functional elements, such as medicines, clothing, bedding, extra clothing and toys. The preparation and planning of these corners around your house, you can store many items, if not clean, and stay your course and organized.

In Rooms: Each room furniture should be mandatory or scheduled. For example, the furniture for the bedroom, the bed is required. A dining table in the dining room is mandatory. The bathroom could be a solid wall or cabinet glass shelves.

In your living room next to the sofa, you may have some bearing Ottomans, where you can keep the toys for their children. In small schools are also in place to live. These banks have storage facilities below, where you can save your shoes. You can also open a niche where you can see accessories for the home with adequate lighting. Libraries to the ceiling can also to create for storage behind them, to maintain the elements that are used less frequently. These hidden areas are very useful for storing objects, everyday practices and provides for your living room tidy.

House: Choose a bed that has storage to store under your winter clothing, or excess bedding, including pillows and mattresses. You can also use a wooden box beside his bed, which can be accompanied by a table and is also used to store some of your clothes at once, such as scarves, sweaters and bed linen. The changing rooms can be designed so that you can create a niche behind the mirror on a shelf, keep their surplus rolls of toilet paper, soap or shampoo. Try and create storage boxes in the fields behind the dresser mirror, and even in your toilet as a double door closet. And instead of an open cupboard, for those who have blinds on them to find their magazines to hold magazines.

In the bathroom, the area behind the mirror in a storage unit for storing medicines and first aid will be converted. Another idea is to create a cabinet hung just below the pelvis to create save some of your toiletries.

Kitchen: In general, in every kitchen, there are places for storing standard utensils, condiments and accessories. In addition to these, the space offer from the kitchen in unlikely places, for example, storage racks with shutters, to reach the ceiling, wooden platforms above the shelves for kitchen appliances, and machine texture of popcorn and soft autonomous units, with curtains to fruit or Potatoes need.

You must remember to spread these hidden spaces offspring. Wipe it. Open and check the closets and disinfected, especially the kitchen. In addition, check and eliminate drugs from your cupboards and empty bottles from time to time.

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