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Physical Media Storage For Home Use

If you have a lot of CDs and DVDs in your possession, it is important that you have a way to store and protect them. Suitable storage means are required to maintain the integrity of the CD. This means that files or music or videos stored on optical media is not damaged.

It was said that almost 90% of the storage means is adequate and made specially for home use. This type of storage medium can minimize the headache, because you get stacks of CDs stacked in the living room floor.

You can learn more about them, but if you are still looking for storage options of the media, here are some of the different storage media that can be used.

1. The CD case. This storage option can contain as little as a single CD or DVD up to four CDs. However, you can store more capacity in that the CD case is ergonomically designed to fit a certain number of CDs. Plastic is crystalline.

2. CD covers. This is the cheapest form of storage media. A bag can contain a single CD. There are CD covers that can contain two discs: one for each side. It is made of plastic and fabric lining to prevent dirt damage to the DVD.

3. The CD case. CD storage box can hold a lot of CDs. Some have a capacity of 20 compact discs, while some have a capacity of 100 CDs. This is useful if you like to travel a lot or if you want a storage box for CDs in the car. It is portable, since they generally have a harness so you can take with you. May be made of pure leather, synthetic leather or plastic. In the case itself are covered with CD or CD bags to protect CDs and separated from each other.

4. The CD storage cabinet. If you want to organize your DVDs with a CD storage cabinet is a good choice of storage media. It seems that their fur firm in general, if it is only when opened, it has several layers, which may contain the exact size of your DVD and CD cases. There are CD storage cabinets with a door, while there are also two doors.

5. The storage box of CDs. If you do not like to browse your DVD collection and are looking for a way to keep them in an organized, then the CD storage box is a good choice. You may have chest style clam which is hinged to the side so you can open a treasure chest regularly, or you can separate the top that can be removed completely from the chest.

6. Holder CD / DVD. This storage medium is similar to the CD box, except that no doors. It seems that the normal lining, only the edges are large enough to accommodate CDs and DVDs.

If you need immediately, this is the place to go to mass storage. They are really useful, and if you use the links on the right in the center of the page you will find some of the very large price options that can fit any budget.

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