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Simple Steps to Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Occasionally, due to lack of funds, time or resources, many homeowners settle in retouch your existing kitchen cabinets. Before refinishing kitchen cabinets, it is important to ensure that your kitchen cabinets are strong so it can last another 5 or 10 years. So the refinishing is worth it.

It is important to ensure that the soles of the existing kitchen cabinets are dry and free from rot. Before refinishing kitchen cabinets, look under the sink or dishwasher close as it can show as many signs of wear. If the bottom of your cabinets are rotten, they must be replaced. This must be done before starting your project refinishing. If your shelves are also affected, they must be replaced.

The exterior, interior, and handles of the cabinets should be cleaned thoroughly. Clean out your closets until the dirt accumulated over the years (if any) are all gone. After cleaning all the dirt and dust from the surface, you can also use sandpaper to lightly penetrate stubborn dirt. Doing this is very important because it could leave streaks and spots that show through your final result.

Before you remove your cabinet doors and hardware, the label of each component can be put back in its proper place after refinishing. Then after all cabinet doors, handles and shelves are removed it’s time to sand the old paint and varnish making it possible to apply the new. Do not forget that you want to paint 2 and sometimes 3 coats of paint or varnish. Sanding, painting or varnishing the interior, face frames, and the sides will also be needed. Once all the air dries out your closets for new versions of wonder about 24 hours before use.

In order to replace the doors, the experience of a carpenter is essential. We must ensure that doors close properly. This provides a fresh look at the box without having to go for a major makeover or costly.

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