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Survey of Fire Proof and File Cabinets

If you have important documents to protect, is likely to consider a fireproof cabinet that protects your files and documents in the case of a major fire. However, the models may vary significantly, each with a different amount of time to fire or heat resistance.

If you are considering buying a fireproof file cabinet, read on for a brief description of the three most popular models.

The professional presentation and stackable Sentry fire proof

What makes the fire watch-Safe stackable file cabinet professional stand out from the fire-proof cabinets from others is that it is a stackable and modular design, subsequently, more lightweight and portable than larger, heavier models . The sentry unit can be easily lifted and carried during a fire, while the stackable design allows to extend the storage space that your tank has the capacity to develop.

The Sentry brand fire proof file cabinet may only retail for an average of $ 200 per modular unit, but that low price comes with its own price. The Sentry only offers 30 minutes of protection, which means that if it can be adapted for home use, that does not offer the industrial protection required by many larger offices.

Schwab Corporation Files 5000 series vertical fire

The cabinets in the Schwab 5000 series vertical filing represent the ultimate in protection class fire resistance and fire protection UL 350 for up to 2 hours for all your important documents, USB drives, CD-ROM and other items.

The Schwab 5000 Series fire filing cabinet safe is loaded with features like a secure locking system, testing and certification of explosion depth of the cabinet can withstand a drop of over 30 meters high. However, with these stellar features and fire protection is a high long-term price of just over $ 3000, with the Schwab out of reach of most consumers.

2-drawer filing cabinet safe by the late King

The model of 2 Drawer Fire King is a moderate choice for homeowners and small business operators who are trying to protect an hour, but do not need the overloaded features or size of the Schwab 5000 series. The cabinet can protect documents for up to 60 minutes, can withstand a 30 foot fall and explosions up to 2000 degrees. The price? An average of $ 850, making the Fire King fairly affordable and reasonably priced.

Another interesting feature of the container file Fire King fireproof is your guarantee of service and warranty. The product is protected by a 3 year warranty, and if during the life of the company, always in a fire and a component of the cabin fire damaged, the company will replace the entire cabinet for free.

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