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The Evolution of Kitchen Cabinets

Most kitchens offer today and what was the main purpose of life – entertainment and relaxation. These contain cabinets, which provide storage and beauty to the entire kitchen space.

Homes before the 20th century did not have the comforts and conveniences, the furniture in the kitchen today. The kitchens in the U.S. before the 20th century were equipped pantry cupboards, cabinets and furniture independent cold. Most often had high cages that were used to provide additional storage for the provision of food and dishes. In the center was a long table of the harvest, which normally serves the area of ​​food preparation. A cast or stone sink serves as a large area of ​​cleaning and dishwashing.

With the advent of the twentieth century came many changes in lifestyle. There was the housing boom after the war that created major changes in how kitchens were built and furnished. The eating habits of most Americans were also unchanged. People have become too busy and I wanted the preparation of fast food. This resulted in greater consumption of packaged food. With the real estate boom after the war and new eating habits of Americans, the basic concept of the kitchen has undergone a major evolution.

Cabinetmakers began to specialize in building kitchen cabinets and bathroom. Most of them abandoned the traditional furniture and focuses on the newly acquired expertise. He began the construction of wooden kitchen cabinets as a base material. Cellar rooms and cabins high tables through culture began to disappear and were replaced by cabinets. The 20th century America began to enjoy the new look of your kitchen. Today is the race contiguous upper and lower cabinets with a work plan often made of plastic laminate. These cabinets run along the walls of the kitchen.

With the expertise of the kitchen of the new cabinet came new techniques, tools and materials to meet demand. New materials such as veneer cabinet plywood, MDF and another man became property sheets available in most building materials stores. The new cutting tools, advanced tools and union band also became available. A lot of new material began to exit the market. The hardware used for hanging cabinets, hinges and shelf brackets. In addition, new developments have been made to the equipment used in secure cabinet doors and making boxes and cabinets. Innovations were also made for accessories, including slide containing several, tilt trays, baskets and shelves sink differently. All these new developments in hardware and accessories added for comfort and adaptability of the kitchen 20 century.

New tools and building materials kitchen meant good news for woodworkers and hobbyists who wanted to build their own kitchen cabinets. The availability of these products have made their work easier, faster and more accurate. Mail-order distribution of tools has also become easily accessible. Tools such as drill guide assembly for installation, models and cookies joinery tools all contribute to the rapid assembly of kitchen cabinets.

The main objective of most carpenters is the efficiency of construction. All tools, materials and accessories to help provide the necessary requirements carpenters to build your kitchen cabinets and reach their goal. Today, savor and enjoy all the amenities and features of our kitchens. The room table culture very basic cabin and pantry, now worked well organized kitchen spaces.

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