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Types of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabin

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA Kitchen Cabinets

ets can add a unique character to the kitchen. They can be an important asset, while building a new home. Given its importance in the kitchen decor.

The varieties of Lee To assemble Kitchen Cabinets:

Oak cabinets kitchen: The whole kitchen will look as large as an oak cabinet with this type of kitchen cabinets that came with the face frames, bars and posts, are exclusively of solid oak. Raised panels are aligned with oak and are therefore less likely to break or deform. This variety of ready to assemble

Cabinet Range also uses old English semi-hidden hinges to highlight its golden oak finish. This cabinet comes with additional features, such as drawer box with 1/2 inch of every color of the wood-framed back to blend seamlessly with the color of the cabinets, drawers slides epoxy euros.

Heritage Maple Honey: These types of kitchen cabinets blend seamlessly with all types of housing and provide an elegant look to the kitchen. Heritage Maple Syrup is one among their own in wood cabinets. It has a glossy finish and maple syrup given without agglomerate. In this sense, the doors and face frames are solid maple and plywood sides are important. He also euro drawer slides and concealed hinges European epoxy.

Ginger Maple: These types of cabinets attempt to merge in all varieties of cooking. The main specialty of ginger maple is in its upper cabinet doors are made of the Roman Arch, offering the kitchen a unique look and feel soft. Similar to the previous range, and executives face the doors of this type is solid maple. It has a maple fingerboard with ginger and comes with drawer slides and hinges concealed euro epoxy Europe.

Sunset Maple: This is the last of all ready to assemble cabinets. They have a unique and rich vibrant color that gives a sense of simplicity to your kitchen. These are the best options for those who do not like installing a maple brown. The wood cabinets are solid wood box and drawer cabinet with 1/2 in all stained wood sides back the curtains that complement all wardrobes. The main characteristic of this variety is that it has hidden hinges and slides to lead Europe.

Arce CastaƱo: These types of enclosures are suitable for people who plan to give the kitchen a complete look. The depth of color of the maple nut give the kitchen a classic look. Its doors and face frames are made with solid maple and has a touch of brown glaze. The raised panel doors are molded four sides. The cabinets also have boxes with drawers and drawer slides hidden in them.

Windsor Maple: These types of kitchen cabinets are an attractive box that fits all types of cuisines. Windsor Maple has additional features that make them really stand out from other types of accommodation. Comes with “plywood sides than normal 1/2″ 3/4 and treated with hard slides.

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