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Woodcraft Cabinets – Learning The Basics

what it feels like to be able to present to your wife or family members with the beautiful and unique wood furniture handmade cabinets and, without having to do a master carpenter, but by their own hands amateurs can be easier than you think. And you can start your education expertise by building a very simple, but functional and woodwork.

Starting with a simple design, will be less likely to discourage their mistakes – and chances are good that you will do a little. The first thing to do before starting your wood cabinets is to find a workspace is well lit and you do not mind being covered in sawdust.

Materials necessary

Once you find your place, can be mounted equipment cabinets wood. For purposes of this project, including:

A sheet of 5 “x7″ cons-plated

Two 3′x 7 ‘sheets of plywood

3′x5 two sheets of plywood, and

Three sheets of 2.5 “x 7″ cons-plated

Four hinges and two handles with wood screws

A hammer and nails,

Sandpaper, paint and varnish

Just reading this list of materials that formed a fairly accurate picture of wood cabinets to be built.

Before starting your wood cabinets will measure the land on which they intend to be placed permanently, the dimensions of the space, of course, determine the dimensions of the cabinets carpentry. If you just built a practice woodworking cabinet regardless of where you will use, stick to sheets of plywood on the list. Otherwise, you can have sheets of plywood cut to your local household products.

Building your wood cabinet

His greatest work sheet of plywood as a shield of wood cabinets, “which nailed perpendicular to the two sheets of 3′x7 four to eight nails on each edge.

Two of the three sheets of plywood 3′x5 the next will be nailed to the top and bottom of the trim panel with an appropriate number of nails. The third sheet of 3′x5 ‘cabinet is wood splitter, and must be nailed at the right height for a shelf.

The plywood sheets remaining trawl, which measures 2.5 “x 7″, are intended to provide the doors of its wooden cabinet. Placing each of them with two of its four hinges at opposite sides of the opening of the cabinet. They have wood screws included when you purchase

Post your door handles, again with wood screws, and you’re done a useful, single cabinet, trim and doors with a shelf of work! You can even paint to make it look attractive.

Of course, the cabinets wood produced from this plan are very simple, but that is functional and also give you an idea of ​​what the craft is all about. You can bet on what they teach, and before long, to create your own style and well-built wood cabinets to make your home the envy of the neighborhood!

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